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Main Features
GPS Tracking :

• Precise 2-Second Update Rate

• Maximum range 10 km
• Detailed satellite and terrain maps
• Offline map mode for use without cellular data.
• Tracking Only Mode (e-collar functions can be deactivated by the user)
• Geo-fence Option: User can select an area on the map and receive notifications if adog leaves or enters the specified area.
E-collar Training :

• 100 Stimulation Levels (low to high)

• Nick/Constant Stimulation
• Non-Stimulating Audible Tone
• Enhanced Contact Points
Other features :

• Fully Waterproof

• 3.5-Hour Rapid Charge Batteries
• Expandable to 21 Dogs
• Users can share their own and their dogs’ positions


How does the Pathfinder work ?
1. The collar has a GPS antenna which receives satellite signals to determine its own position.
2. The collar and the connector communicate via radio transmission over a distance of up to 10 km (line-of-sight).
3. The connector is linked to a smartphone via Bluetooth.
Weight 1.750 kg


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