Gain speed and accuracy with RUBY®
Improve your shot thanks to an improved simultaneous view of the target and the luminous point. Ruby® is a luminous bead for all lighting conditions. The RUBY® bead allows you to aim with both eyes open: the luminous point indicates the firing axis. A remarkable and significant gain in visibility in weak light or against a dark background or a back ground with little contrast. Essential for a beginner or an experienced shooter, who will maintain constant concentration while shooting.
• RUBY® is manufactured using the best optic fibres.
• Simple attachment using an adhesive strip.
• No adjustment, your aiming height remains unchanged.
• Two models: 71 mm for hunting, 120 mm for sports shooting.

Bead diameter: 3 mm
Base width: 6 mm
Length: 71 mm

Available in 3 colors :
• Orange
• Red
• Green

Weight 0.025 kg

Green, Orange, Red


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