Spro Salt Rig 35 Shrimp Mackerel #1

– Leader for salt water
– Different options available
– Ready-made
– Length: 145cm
– Fluorocarbon line
– Fluorocarbon leaders
– Solid swivels and clip
– Diameter main line: 0.50mm
– Diameter side line: 0.35mm
– Hand tied
– Razor sharp hooks
– Colorful springs
– Optimal bait presentation
– From the boat or from the pier
– Tie it up, insert the bait and fish!


These paternosters from Spro are super easy to use. You tie the line to your main line, put your bait on the razor-sharp hooks and you’re ready to fish. The leader is hand-tied from strong fluorocarbon, which makes the line almost invisible underwater. The colourful feathers on the side lines make your bait extra attractive and will quickly attract the attention of the fish. The leaders ensure that your bait does not twist in your line. You can use these leaders when fishing from a boat or from the shore. Ideal for fishing for mackerel.

Weight 0.015 kg


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