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An environmentally conscious and easy to use chemical liquid with biological action, which offers the best performance for your chemical toilet.
Combined with  Thetford Aqua Rinse it  is ideal for everyday use.
Way of use

  1. Put 120ml in a sewage bin with a capacity of 20L.
  2. Add 3L of water for better performance

Suppresses unpleasant smells
Reduces gas
dissolves organic solid waste and toilet paper facilitating emptying
Safe for emptying a tank  (Test ISO 11734)
Keeps clean bucket
Protects toilet fittings and lengthen the time of life
preserved in liquid form up to -20oC, while it remains active and in case it freezes and thaws
He has been awarded the Dutch eco-label  Milieukeur and the German  Der Blaue Engel



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