Special hook, specially designed for Surf Casting , Sport Fishing .
With a slender trunk and aligned eye, light and harpoon with 3D design for better penetration into the mouths of fish.
Ideal choice when using thin and soft baits.
Its light body and slender torso, achieves a perfect bait, making the whole presence of our paralyzed seabed very natural, without harming the fish.
In collaboration with its powerful harpoon, it ranks it as one of the best hooks on the market.

The SHINKEN family of hooks is mainly oriented to fishing at sea and for fish with aggression and high resistance to acute traction.
Ideal, complete set of hooks for live baits and worms.
Along with the classic hooks for natural baits, there are many series designed for application on artificial baits, with models, two or three hooks (slings) of superior quality.

One of the strengths of Shinken hooks is the 3D Cut points, which are characterized by a three-dimensional design to develop a huge penetrating force, necessary to get the best result from the hard mouths of fish.